The WORK BIGGER program opened my eyes and shifted my perspective on what I really want. I have taken many personality tests, and I know myself well; but, I have never actually thought about my why.

It was really tough to get there at first, but creating my authentic, personal story that strongly resonates with me and the people with whom I’d like to connect was a game changer.

It made the job search process easier and even enjoyable because I’m now focusing on companies that I truly love. More importantly, I’m now making new connections with people who share my mission, which is energizing me and pushing me forward in pursuing my passion. 

Karoline Matyjas – Brand Marketer

After feeling stuck in my work life for a long time, working with Belma was refreshing and inspirational. She helped me gain confidence in my abilities, recognize my skills, and understand where I can grow. I now see how I can move forward toward finding a job with meaningful purpose and I am excited and hopeful about new opportunities.

Rebecca Hardwick – Freelancer 

Cora Neumann

Despite many career successes, I found myself feeling stuck and scared about taking the plunge into my next, new endeavor. Belma helped me get very clear about my values and priorities, lay out my options, face my fears and take bold steps towards my dream. Most importantly, she helped me integrate all of my past strengths into my new endeavor. We as women often don’t value our strengths, and Belma has helped me embrace and carry them through. She is patient, organized, thoughtful and wise. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with her.

Cora Neumann, Founder, Global First Ladies Alliance; Founder, RESET

Belma showed me how to identify my skills and strengths. She then taught me how to use these strengths to leverage them in a negotiation. My work with her empowered me to ask for far more than I ever would have than if I was navigating and preparing for the job search process on my own. I still use the lessons I learned by working with Belma to this day.

Samantha Sleeper – Manager, Jess Boutique


Belma is a great listener and has a knack for quickly figuring out what the heart of the issue really is. She gently guides you to discover what needs to shift in your mindset and has excellent insight and tools for achieving it. Her talent, passion, and proven ability to help others achieve more in their careers is obvious and I felt lucky to work with her! 

Sierra Busch – Travel Agent and Editorial Associate

Working with Belma really helped me to understand how as a woman I needed to embrace negotiation as a tool to maximize my value to a company. Belma really helped me to hone in on my strengths and emphasize how I could contribute to the company looking to hire me instead of just accepting an offer out of fear of rocking the boat.

Ashley Newman – Associate, McGlinchey Stafford