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Who is it  for?

• Is stuck in an energy-draining job and has no idea how to get out of it

• Has a lot of potential but feeling frustrated because you're not leveraging it at your current job

• Is looking to do work that's challenging and makes a difference in the world

• Feels the 9 to 5 you're in isn't for you; you're in a safe job but your heart's just not in it

• The 9 to 5-er, side hustler, entrepreneur who struggles with focus



//WEEK 1

You'll understand yourself and how your experiences have shaped you. Identify your WHY - what drives you. 

//WEEK 2

You'll uncover both your work values and life values, and create a blueprint to help you anchor your career path. Learn to make decisions quickly and confidently.

//WEEK 3

You'll identify your key strengths so you know the job roles in which you'll thrive. You'll also identify areas of development, which will give you insight on what you need to do to level up as a leader.

//WEEK 4

Now that you know what you want, you’ll start crafting your mission statement. You’ll also explore the future of work and start identifying a career path that's right for you and in line with future trends.

//WEEK 5 & 6

Go deeper into your mission statement and explore the options that are available to you. You'll also start to build your dream network, critical for a successful transition.

//WEEK 7 & 8

Now armed with a mission statement, you'll execute on your career transition whether it's a new 9 to 5, a freelance career or a new business venture. You'll craft your personal story that will connect you even deeper with your growing network, and you'll be well on your way to work you love that also makes a difference in the world. 

There’s More! Bonus Trainings & Calls 

What Do You Care About?

What Do You Value 

the Most?

What Are Your Strengths 

and Weaknesses?

Bringing it All Together!

Explore & Focus Your Options!

Launch Your New Career

What's it worth?

What’s it worth to fast-track your way to a career you love, one that allows you to: 

1. find growth and success 

2. use YOUR talents to improve the world 

3. increase your earnings.

Work Bigger's in  the Media



  • Negotiation Training:  You’ll learn the skills you need to ask for more money and increase your earnings. Because more money means more impact. 
  • Personal Brand Call: Focusing your brand and personal story will make your career transition significantly easier! We’ll discuss how else to create a personal brand that gets you noticed.
  • Leadership Training: What do you need to do to level up? You’re already a high-potential individual (which is why you’re applying), but we’ll work with you to tackle areas of improvement so you can graduate a stronger leader than you came in.

Finding the right mentors and coaches changed my life. I learned what was possible in moments when I felt hopeless and confused. I learned to be a leader, use my voice, negotiate with confidence, and pursue my mission despite the ugly voice in my head telling me I wasn’t smart enough or strong enough.

This is what I want for you. 

We don’t accept all applications (but we do encourage everyone to apply). It’s important you’re committed to doing the work and looking for growth. If you’re accepted into the program, it means you’re the right fit. 

Our work together won’t end after the program. I’ll be here for support through the Work Bigger community and to support your next steps along the way. Because undergoing Work Bigger doesn’t mean you won’t stumble again. But when you do, we’ll be here. 


Ready to find your mission and change the world?


About Work Bigger

I'm Belma McCaffrey, the Founder of Work Bigger. My mission is to help you find work you love and also make a difference in the world because life is too short to waste your potential at an energy-draining 9 to 5 job or one that you just feel meh about. (I’ve been there, and it’s no fun.)

Work Bigger is NOT for everyone. It’s for the high-potential, ambitious individual who wants her work to be a force for good. 

TAKEAWAY: Values Blueprint // Develop Laser Focus & Conviction in Your Path



Writer for Coveteur & Teen Vogue


Karin found the focus and confidence she needed to pitch to Teen Vogue. She led with her mission. She got the job. 

"Being mission-driven is guiding me in everything I write and pitch! I am so grateful that I met you and was given the chance to undergo Work Bigger and am so looking forward to the year ahead!"

Senior Research, Analyst & Entrepreneur 

Following Work Bigger, Amanda launched her dog-friendly business.

"Before signing up for Work Bigger, I was feeling lost and totally overwhelmed. Now I've identified a clear career path - entrepreneurship - as well as specific action steps to build my business"

Program Associate 

Allison is pursuing graduate school with a clear intention: to study behavioral environment, environmental psychology, and environmental sociology and to surround herself with other mission-driven individuals.

 "With the Work Bigger program, I discovered the spiritual foundation I needed to focus my approach and have more direction on where to go next in my career, maximizing my impact along the way." 


Manager at MAC & Makeup Artist


Catherine kicked indecision and overwhelm, and is pursuing her makeup business, a key step for her career, personal brand and financial success.

"The program pushed me to change my idea of work to one with a more unconventional structure. I realized the great potential in my side hustle!"


National Events Manager for Virtual Enterprises International


Susan landed a position empowering students to become entrepreneurs. She's combining her passion for entrepreneurship with the benefits of a 9 to 5.

"Work Bigger helped me analyze the past 7 years, a critical time personally and professionally. I have a deeper understanding of what works for me, as well as what’s best for ME versus others."

TAKEAWAY:  Identify your WHY

TAKEAWAY:  Clarity on your top strengths and weaknesses

TAKEAWAY:  Mission Statement I // Future of Work Review

TAKEAWAY: Expand your options

TAKEAWAY: Ready to launch career path // Personal Story & Mission // Dream network







in looking for a more fulfilling career path?

Saving You: 

What’s it worth to avoid another six months or year in your energy-draining job? 

Meet the Work Bigger Coaches:

The Work Bigger Coaches have coached hundreds of professionals all over the U.S., helping women launch their own businesses or transition to organizations they're super passionate about. They take a holistic and heart-centered approach to learning and development, and they're kind, passionate and invested in your growth. 

Katherine Folk Sullivan

Katherine is passionate about helping women create powerful careers, identify their personal style of leadership, and ultimately find personal and professional fulfillment. 

She is an honors graduate from McGill University, a professional actor and a member of Actor’s Equity. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, growing herbs and researching what kind of dog she’ll get when she finally moves out of New York. 

Lisa Lewis

If there's a job out there, Lisa has probably done it. She has worked as a senior career services specialist for 2U, a public, high-growth higher education technology startup, a digital marketing account supervisor at Edelman, the Bill of Rights Institute, Attention USA, the American Cancer Society, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship and CBS College Sports. 

She knows how to leverage lots of passions to build a focused, high-impact career.

Kate Solis Silva

Kate is a Career and Personal Development Coach passionate about supporting do-gooders of all walks of life. She'll help you make your biggest contributions by tuning inward, getting clear on what you want, and taking intentional action. 

Having spent a decade in the for-profit world and another in nonprofit development, Kate is a firm believer that career is truly an evolution, not a destination. 


Asset Manager at Crow Holdings Capital

"If you know you’re supposed to be doing something else with your life but are paralyzed by the uncertainty of what to do, this program is for you.

 It helped me get clear on my morals, strengths, weaknesses and guided me to what to pursue next. 

I’m now more confident on I stand for and what I’m looking for."


Entrepreneur and Artist


Leah is building her business, Leah Suzette Creative Studio, with focus, passion and drive.

"There is nothing else out there like this, especially for women, and I've never felt so clear on my goals and the actions I should follow to reach them!"


Kindel is launching a business that helps women tap into their creative potential.

" I'm truly grateful for this program and for you, and I'm so excited to embrace the next steps of my life as a confident, mission driven woman."


Client Service Relationship Management, Burgiss

 "I can't say enough about how impactful these past eight weeks have been. Undoubtedly the strengths and weaknesses was a HUGE eye opening exercise, the results from which I continue to reference when making a decision. 

I highly recommend this to everyone, especially the feedback exercises as it's such a sweet experience to see yourself through someone else's eyes."


Early Birds Make More Money! Apply Early, Enter to Win

Whip your finances into shape! 

The Financial Gym is gifting one of the first 20 applicants who apply and are accepted a FREE 3-month membership. Work with a financial planner to review and reach your financial goals. 

We provide the resources, skills and support you need to build the career you want - faster.

Do Work You Love & 

Make a Difference in 

the World 

(without burning out)

What Do You Get?

Work Bigger gives you the skills, resources and support you need to find work you love and reach your full potential, but do so from a place of consciousness, joy and health. You'll complete the program with:

   • Clarity on your career path and what you want to do with your life and work

   • The confidence to move past fear so you can pursue your dreams

   • On your way to finding work that makes a difference in the world

   • Improved focus and ability to make decisions

   • Greater sense of purpose  

   • Clarity on what you stand for and who you are  

   • A strong personal story and brand that inspires your network

   • Skills to negotiate your salary (or client contract) so you can increase your earnings

   • Lifetime membership in a community of mission-driven women who know how to get big things done


Work Bigger