Busy? Here are 3 Ways to Do More of What You Love

Balance. What is it exactly? And does it even exist?

Today we’re covering a request from Kate, a member in the Work Bigger community who says “I’d love to have more information on work-life balance. How can I capitalize on those moments outside of work to get further on my own projects.”

You know that feeling when you’re on the go – getting through your BIG priorities – but you feel the other stuff slipping to the side?

It’s so easy to get bogged down by work, family, what have you.

But just like we should be intentional with our work, it’s equally important to be intentional with our time off. Why? Because being in the driver’s seat and living on purpose feels good – whether we’re tackling work or adventure. It means we’re doing what we want and we know what we’re trying to accomplish.

Here are three tips to better leverage your time off so you can do more of what you love. (Watch the video or read below.)

Make a List. Check it Twice

Make a list of what’s most important to you. What’s on there?

Then ask yourself why these things matter.

For example, if you’re working on a side project – such as looking to volunteer more in your community – be clear on how that will add value to you.

This could be: it simply makes you happy and brings you joy or you’re picking up a certain skill that you can use later on.

Getting clear on the why will help you stay on track when work gets extra busy and you’re losing motivation.

Lastly, keep your list short with three to four items max. You want your list to be manageable, which will help you focus and reach your goals.

Listen to Your Energy

What drains you? And conversely, what fuels you?

For me personally, social media can be a massive energy suck. I notice that whenever I’m scrolling through Facebook feeds, I start to feel tired from the influx of information.

I’ve also noticed that when I cut this out, I have time to focus on other things – such as more quality time with my son, friends and family or reading and participating in a more productive activity.

This may seem small and obvious at first but these moments of exhaustion add up during the day. As you’re going through the day take inventory of which activities are fueling you and depleting you– Tweet It!

Schedule It

What does your ideal day look like? Get clear on this, then schedule your day in advance.

In your schedule bucket your time into shifts so that you account for:

  • work obligations: what are the key projects you’re going to tackle today?
  • other projects outside of work: volunteer, side hustle work, etc.
  • time for yourself: what will you look forward to today?

It’s easy to cut out the last item on this list. But, don’t. You need to make time for the reward.

Mentally and emotionally you’ll be looking forward to it, which will boost your productivity throughout your day.

In Conclusion: Do More of What You Love

To better leverage your time off, set your intention ahead of time and throw a strategy behind it. Don’t neglect the fun stuff – integrate it into your day. 

Try these 3 tips and let us know how they work for you. And share with us in the comments, what’s (1) thing you can do today to make your day more intentional?